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Patient Matching

Interoperability amongst CEHRTs for the sake of properly exchanging electronic patient health information (ePHI) must take into consideration various CEHRTs with different APIs. Furthermore, facilitating accessibility and ePHI exchange, among others, must promote security. Because of that, a proof of stake (PoS) blockchain health information exchange (BHIE) powered by the patients and certified by ONC would provide infallible patient matching regardless of CEHRT due to QR codes and RFID technologies. As can be expected, security is paramount. The BHIE must use AES 256 for encryption and SHA 256 for hashing. These security mechanisms proposed will make unauthorized access of ePHI virtually impossible (confidentiality) and the authenticity of the records irrefutable (integrity). Another important security feature, which surpasses current health information exchanges, is availability. The BHIE’s decentralized environment would ensure authorized access to ePHI at all times.

Date 24 Aug, 2019

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