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We can help with:

  • Blockchain health information exchange (BCHIE)
  • Works with all certified electronic health records technologies (CEHRTs)
  • Patient matching
  • Interoperability
  • SQL conversions to Blockchain health information exchange (BCHIE)
  • Development of healthy meal plans and eating habits
  • Security risk assessments
  • EMR integrations (work with all certified electronic health record technology (CEHRTs)
  • Patient Portal development for improved CMS results
  • Database normalization and integrations
  • Clinical quality improvement database reporting
  • Development of revenue cycle information systems (financial billing, coding, auditing, and monitoring)
  • After hours support desk
  • Reporting / Dashboard / AI development, and
  • Much more

The blockchain health information exchange (BCHIE) architecture is a HIPAA compliant, advanced, market-driven technology designed and developed to ensure health information exchange (HIE) security, validity, nonrepudiation and patient matching by using Smart Contracts that are executed without human interaction.

Developed in 2017, the BCHIE leverages SHA 256 and SHA 512, where the margin of error virtually disappears. Using the BCHIE, the margin of error is 1 out of 2^256. This is the same standard that secures top-secret clearance for digital information.

Patient matching is inherent in BCHIE architecture.

Furthermore, BCHIE architecture provides a platform for advanced data analytics using artificial intelligence (AI) methods.